Atsudori Streaming AHO-exclusive songs

We exclusively stream for only AHO members our recommended artist's song which recorded at our recording studio called Studio Delay. We want to help AHO members to find new favorite artists.

List of songs available for streaming

2021.8.1 up!!

folca – “HAGURUMA (OUTASIGHT cover)” AHO Special Edition

Click here to download high quality audio (wav).

From the folca New Single “Heart” released on July 31 from ART HOUSE’s label “Kobe Geijutsu Honpo”, the AHO special version of OUTASIGHT’s cover song “HAGURUMA” has been released in limited heat recording! This is a special version of “HAGURUMA” with guest vocalist Shohei Nishimoto from OUTASIGHT and chorus by Taisuke Inamura, Vo/G of Alcala, woven by three generations that have built the history of ART HOUSE!