"AHO" -ART HOUSE Organization- is an online subscription fan club focused on live stremings by the long-established live house ART HOUSE in Kobe.

Due to COVID restrictions, we are no longer avilable for usual live performance but ART HOUSE still want to be closer to your music life. It was started in September 2020 with the hope that we, including artists, can exist as a part of your life. We mainly stream live performances but we many contents that never get you bored. We are planning to add services that can be used at ART HOUSE by issuing a membership card.

Let's hang out with us on our secret base?


Benefits of AHO Membership

  • Watch unlimited live / archive streaming!
  • The AHO blog updated daily!
  • Access to AHO-exclusive songs and music programs!
  • Digital membership card
  • AHO Members only items
  • Members-only pre-sale ticket purchasing
  • AHO radio etc...

All benefits are available for ¥1,500 / month!


  • Recommendation!

    Monthly membership plan


  • 1day membership plan


  • Please register a membership first. After registering, you can enjoy AHO contents by logging in and paying the membership fee on My Page!
  • There are two types of plans, "Monthly membership plan" and "1day membership plan".
  • Membership fees can be paid by credit card (prepaid) or debit card.
  • The monthly membership plan will be automatically renewed. (Please delete your account on My Page any time before your renewal date)
  • Before signing up for AHO, please test your PC / Smartphone and internet environment for live streaming viewing on the "Test video for viewing confirmation" page. (* To watch live streaming, make sure you have the most up-to-date browser, operating system, and a good internet connection)

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